Fairy tail 507 Manga - Natsu and gray do not seem equal. A fully demonized natsu would edge out a dark gray at this moment I am with the end hype, unless gray gets more hax with the darkness. Erza was established to be stronger than them both. But, she may not be as strong as dark gray and demon natsu, and erza momentarily stopped them for the plot reasons. Gray still has more potential to be shown. Invel stated that gray would be the only one defeating natsu. After a breif moment for makarov's demise, I feel that gray and natsu would head to fight zeref. This would be a good fight. Erza, jellal and mavis will fight irene. Laxus, gildarts , and maybe mira will advance towards laxus. Fodder shit jacob and ajeel will be pawned soon. And rakheid is not on the battlefield. He is pursuing acnologia.

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Fairy Tail 507 Release - Makarov's sacrifice - very well written. Personally, I think there is a good chance that makarov is dead. And if it is actually true, then I would classify this as one of the major highlights of the arc. I know our hopes are usually destroyed within the next few chapters, but somehow I feel like this scene was written differently. In a way, the "Death" was for a greater cause and seemed to have a lot of impact on the storyline. Overall, I was very content with how makarov departed. Sacrificing yourself to take out more than 50% of alvarez's forces is definitely a noble feat in my book. Gray vs. E.N.D - the fight happened exactly the way I expected it would. A lot of action with exchanges from both sides. In my opinion, gray and natsu were seemingly on par. Erza - this part is where I had mixed feelings. To be honest, I was really surprised by how much makarov's death affected her. But seeing how she never had a family, I can understand why this would be a very emotional moment for her. Now the problem I have with all this is the events following this part. Don't get me wrong. Erza is a very good character like any other character. But casually blocking natsu and gray's attacks was just complete nonsense. I'm pretty sure this has been brought up already so I'll refrain from derailing the thread.

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Read Fairy Tail 507 English Online for free in high quality scans. The following Fairy Tail chapter 507 with subtitle in english has been released. Erza entering divided between Natsu and Gray. Late for it Wendy bring Juvia. Gray has run out of steam and look at the Juvia is alive. Juvia remains unexpected heal wounds, fall to check the embrace suffer. alright gray The upset was missing the power of Natsu, Lucy is support in the pose of the goodness of August. The further fate of the bloom on the battlefield "scarlet" that turn into chaos "despair" the induction (Irene) cormorant!? To be continued following the Episode 508, "pleasure and pain".

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  第508話「快楽と苦痛」につづく TO BE CONTINUED

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