Fairy tail 521 Manga - Natsu has made a correct decision irrespective of what we readers want. Natsu didn't want to lose his consciousness permanently by turning into a demon and goes on a killing spree which includes his friends. He also didn't want to live for hundreds or may be thousands of years by becoming a full fledged dragon like eileen or acnologia only to see his loved ones die in front of him. My best guess is that he can now use the powers of both the dragon and the demon without transforming into either of these creatures permanently because it is needed to defeat zeref and acnologia.

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Fairy Tail 521 Release - So is natsu just human now or what I seen in the last panel he had fire in his hands so it's safe to assume he's still capable of his dragon slayer abilities I pray to god natsu better tap into his end. Form down the road cause with the demon seed breaking I hope that doesn't mean he's no longer a etherious cause that would be the ultimate cop out in manga history since hiro probably doesn't know how to plug in end natsu in the story but I guess I won't count him out just yet since he's known for random ass pulls so end. Might still happen down the road or maybe even sooner I hope. I don't believe that irene's done for already. I am sure she's alive. She's not dead. C'mon mashima, I was thinking wendy would save and heal her and be a part of fairy tail but no, she didn't and erza doesn't feel sad, sorry or anything about her suicide attempt for her precious daugther (I'm not buying her death though, im still sure shes alive) very sad. Very sad indeed. I have a hunch that zeref will resurrect her again but this time, he'll erase her memories and feelings to her precious daughter erza making her not hold back and be a total evil. I'm calling it in the future chapters to come.

Mosquito Girl

Mosquito Girl is a prototype artificial mutant created by Dr. Genus of the House of Evolution. As a hybrid between human and mosquito, she has control over large swarms of the insects, using them to collect blood as sustenance or repair any bodily damage. Being partly insect, Mosquito Girl's body is largely exoskeleton, and light enough to allow winged flight. All her limbs are extended and end in twin hooks, and her lower legs are digitigrade, with extra forelegs. Her biceps and shins and covered in long bristles, and striped akin to a hornet's. Beyond her long hair and distinctly human face, her head resembles a mosquito's, including a second pair of compound eyes, two sets of antennae, and a shortened proboscis. Despite having a lower body, she still carries a banded abdomen from the small of her back. Following her transformation, the banded stripes on her body become jagged and more pronounced, while her bristles and mosquito headpiece transform into sharp spines. 

In spite of her human features, Mosquito Girl playfully regards humans and animals as prey, and constantly craves their blood. Contrastingly, she treats her mosquitoes maternally, referring to them as "little ones" and incorporating them into her attacks. Even in the face of danger, she is arrogant and only mildly irritated, insulting her opponents as much as assaulting them. Mosquito Girl appears in Z-City commanding a mysterious plague of mosquitoes, sweeping the surrounding countryside and forcing citizens to remain in hiding. After victimizing a hapless looter, she is accosted by Genos, who obliterates scores of her mosquitoes with heat blasts. Mosquito Girl avoids his attacks and cuts off his right arm, only to realize Genos had simultaneously torn off both of her lower legs. Summoning a gigantic mass of the insects, she gorges herself using their blood, regenerating her limbs and becoming stronger and faster than before. The entire swarm then descends on Genos, who incinerates them in one massive explosion. Saitama, lured outside by an errant mosquito, is caught in the blast, but merely loses all his clothing. In her evolved state, Mosquito Girl easily outmaneuvers and bisects Genos, but is killed with a single slap from a naked Saitama. Mosquito Girl's physiology grants her the capabilities of an actual mosquito, which are only augmented by consuming blood. Despite acting alone, her control over insect swarms gives her more flexibility in combat than any other member of the House of Evolution. Flight: Wings sprouting from her back allow Mosquito Girl to hover and maneuver in midair. Even at high velocity, she can dodge projectiles or make sharp turns without losing speed. Mosquito Control: Using signals, Mosquito Girl is able to command any and all mosquitoes within 50~ kilometers (80~ miles) to converge simultaneously or attack individual targets, reducing them to dried husks within seconds. Her connection to them also grants her notice of their death, allowing her to pinpoint any attackers. Regeneration: Consuming blood allows Mosquito Girl to recover from wounds, and even regrow lost limbs. Transformation: By commanding her swarms to inject her with blood, Mosquito Girl can transform to become even faster and more agile.

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