Fairy tail 513 Manga - Natsu Scarf Creation and Origin Has been Finally Revealed & Lucy Love for Natsu Might be Finally Showing in Next chapter of Fairy Tail. So I been thinking on a way that could give fairy tail a chance to "Git gud". Fairy heart as an infinite source of magic probably enpowers all fairy tail's members, also in a way that they cannot die. So a good plot twist would be that zeref steals that source and also takes control of natsu, killing all fairy tail members and only leaving lucy alive (since she's the protagonist). Then, lucy spends 7 years searching on a way to revive their friends and then to stop zeref, either by killing natsu or helping him to return to his human state.

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Fairy Tail 513 Release - Larcade will probably come back.He is supposed to be zeref's secret weapon that can only meet it's true demise by the hands of mavis herself.Not to mention zeref said he can beat achnologia.Does giving hiro even a smidgeon of the benefit of the doubt equal wishful thinking? Perhaps this entire arc reeks of his desire to end the series as swiftly as possible.Then again,I don't think even he can fall so low. I personally didn't care about lacrade going down this chapter. His magic was a complete let down and completely missed the mark for something that could have been terrifying. He could have been something worth fearing and worthy of being compared to eileen and august with magic to purify/eliminate those who have committed sin, but instead he turned out to be a spurned daddy's boy with ridiculous magic focused on pleasure. The only good thing about him was that his going down took a combo of sting, rogue, and kagura and at least some strategy to beat him (wish I could say the same for eileen, but I know that a "Because she's erza" moment is going to come up). Now let's just focus on getting the last secrets of E.N.D and natsu's past and move on past the white waste of time.


Bang also known as Silver Fang is an S-Class, rank 3, superhero for the Heroes Association, settled in Z-City. Bang owns a dojo passed down from generations, and uses the fighting style, the Rock-Smashing Water Stream Fist. He has an older brother named Bomb, who is the master of Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist. Bang is an old man with white-spiky hair, thick eyebrows and a thick mustache. He has distinct wrinkles on his face, a squarish chin and has slightly tan skin. He wears a dark shirt, light colored pants and kung fu shoes. Bang has been shown to be, despite his age, very muscular.

Perhaps due to losing all but one of his disciples to his former top disciple Garou, on top of his old age and his remaining disciple's incompetence, Bang also eagerly looks for new disciples to succeed him. After stating that he would not want the meteorite to fall on Z City as it would erase his dojo, Bang quickly demonstrates his Ryuusui Gansai Ken (Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist), only to realize that Genos had already disappeared. Later, he invites Saitama and Genos to his dojo claiming to show them something interesting, only to demonstrate the Ryuusui Gansai Ken much to the disinterest of his guests. Bang is left with an impossible task by the Heroes Association, to stop a meteor of a Dragon-level disaster that is on a collision course towards Z-City. At the Heroes Association, he meets Genos to whom he explains the disaster. However, he claims that it is an impossible task and advises Genos to evacuate the city. When the siren signals warning everyone to evacuate, Genos wonders what Bang is going to do, to which Bang replies that he will protect his dojo. He turns around and asks Genos if he has ever heard of the Rock-Smashing Water Stream Fist fighting style, but to his surprise Genos has already left the building. Bang later shows up when Genos is preparing to attack the meteor. He sees that Genos is freaking out and calms him down. Bang then watches as Genos attempts to and fails to destroy the meteor. Saitama then shows up and destroys the meteor and Bang uses his martial arts to destroy fragments of the meteor from hitting Genos and then carries him away when the building collapses. Bang makes a small appearance standing on a roof watching Tanktop Tiger and Tanktop Black Hole as they attempt to break Saitama. He solemnly notes that Saitama, like all heroes, will have to bear this hatred even for their beneficial actions and take responsibility for it even when they do not deserve it and hopes that the hero industry will not break him on his road to become a hero. When the two Tanktop heroes declare a public challenge against Saitama, Bang identifies it as the common "newbie crushing" tactic combined with the public execution setup and notes that such a bold and reckless combination is what keeps Tanktop Black Hole in B class, indirectly referring to their overconfidence and inability to grasp Saitama's strength. He then leaves Saitama to resolve the problem on his own.

Bang is seen at his dojo demonstrating his technique for Saitama and Genos. When he asks the two whether they would like to attempt the technique, they refuse, causing Charanko to attempt to battle with Genos only to submit just as quickly. Upon inquiry as to the whereabouts of the rest of his students, Bang tells the story of his student, Garou, and of how he was forced to punish and expel Garou after the student lost control and attacked and defeated several of the other skilled members of Bang's dojo. Saitama comments on Bang's strength, prompting Charanko into uproar once again, this time over Saitama's ignorance of the legendary Silver Fang, and Bang reprimands his student for speaking out of turn to Saitama, whom Bang recognizes as several times stronger than himself. A messenger from the Heroes Association then arrives and informs Bang that all S-Class Heroes have been summoned to A-City HQ due to a major crisis. Upon arrival at HQ, Bang, Saitama, and Genos encounter Atomic Samurai, who recognizes Bang and Genos but not Saitama. Greeting Atomic Samurai in turn, Bang informs him of who Saitama is and expresses great confidence in Saitama's strength, stating that Saitama will soon make it to the top of S-Class. Bang is next shown at his seat in the meeting, asking about the reason the S-Class heroes have been called. Later, A-City has been invaded by, initially the Sky King, but later by the Dark Matter Thieves after the Sky King's death and the destruction of the city itself. Bang participated in engaging the enemies in combat along with Atomic Samurai, Metal Bat and Pri-Pri-Prisoner. During their fight against Melzalgald, Metal Bat exposes his weakness by destroying the vital marble that allows Melzalgald to regenerate, thereby allowing the four S-Class heroes to successfully counterattack. Bang happens to aim at one of the marbles, but in the process, he let his guard down and received a direct blow to the side and was sent flying across the field. During the Hero Hunt by Garou, Charanko was "expelled" from his training and the dojo, only to find out later that Bang only wanted to protect him from Garou, who is hunting the heroes down and becoming a well known threat to the Heroes Association. Bang fears that his own strength is not enough to stop Garou and called for help from his older brother Bomb. However, they are too late to find him, instead finding the carnage from the beaten forms of the Tanktop Brothers, Licenseless-Rider, and Charanko. Being the third ranked S-Class hero, Bang is very powerful. He has been shown to be able to destroy meteor fragments with his bare hands. Superhuman Durability: Bang is shown to be amazingly resilient as he was able to survive a direct hit from Melzalgald without any apparent injuries; the same attack took off A-class rank 2 hero Iaian's left arm.  Superhuman Strength: Bang has been shown to be able to destroy meteor fragments with his bare hands. Superhuman Speed: Bang was able to not only out run a falling spaceship, but also out run all of the present S-Class heroes such as Atomic Samurai, Metal Bat, and Pri-Pri-Prisoner. Superhuman Senses: Bang's senses are far beyond the human norm. He is able to follow the movements of extremely fast opponents and He also seems to have developed a sixth sense; being able to sense the presence of others without the usage of his natural five senses.

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