Fairy tail 513 Manga - Natsu Scarf Creation and Origin Has been Finally Revealed & Lucy Love for Natsu Might be Finally Showing in Next chapter of Fairy Tail. So I been thinking on a way that could give fairy tail a chance to "Git gud". Fairy heart as an infinite source of magic probably enpowers all fairy tail's members, also in a way that they cannot die. So a good plot twist would be that zeref steals that source and also takes control of natsu, killing all fairy tail members and only leaving lucy alive (since she's the protagonist). Then, lucy spends 7 years searching on a way to revive their friends and then to stop zeref, either by killing natsu or helping him to return to his human state.

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Fairy Tail 513 Release - Larcade will probably come back.He is supposed to be zeref's secret weapon that can only meet it's true demise by the hands of mavis herself.Not to mention zeref said he can beat achnologia.Does giving hiro even a smidgeon of the benefit of the doubt equal wishful thinking? Perhaps this entire arc reeks of his desire to end the series as swiftly as possible.Then again,I don't think even he can fall so low. I personally didn't care about lacrade going down this chapter. His magic was a complete let down and completely missed the mark for something that could have been terrifying. He could have been something worth fearing and worthy of being compared to eileen and august with magic to purify/eliminate those who have committed sin, but instead he turned out to be a spurned daddy's boy with ridiculous magic focused on pleasure. The only good thing about him was that his going down took a combo of sting, rogue, and kagura and at least some strategy to beat him (wish I could say the same for eileen, but I know that a "Because she's erza" moment is going to come up). Now let's just focus on getting the last secrets of E.N.D and natsu's past and move on past the white waste of time.

Ajeel Lamur

Ajeel Lamur is a member of the Spriggan 12 and part of the Alvarez Empire under the command of Emperor Spriggan; he also leads his own team inside the Imperial Army, the Ajeel Squad. Ajeel is a dark-skinned, muscular young man of average height with large, thick, brown hair that juts out wildly in every direction. He bears the symbol of the Alvarez Empire below his right shoulder. Ajeel's wears a thin cloth tied around his neck and upper torso, leaving his bare chest and abdomen exposed, in lieu of a traditional shirt, as well as large, baggy, dark-colored trousers with an upper portion that's lighter in color. Additionally, he accents this outfit with two large, spherical earrings in both ears, intricately designed bracelets on each wrist, and dark-colored bands on each of his biceps, and completes it with light-colored sandals and a golden scarf bearing an eye on the region covering his forehead.

Ajeel is a very informal young man, not bothering to address those of higher positions with a respectful tone or its preferred, accompanying language. Quite battle-happy, at the mere mention of a war taking place between Ishgar and Alvarez, he became extremely giddy. Ajeel is also extremely condescending and antagonistic, best evidenced when he interrupted Makarov's rescue operation and then proceeded to tease him about his yearlong stay in the Alvarez Empire before threatening to kill him; another example is him taking pride in having killed many Mages and using his superior power to torment his foes. Additionally, befitting his title as the Desert King, he has an affinity with sand and, as such, finds it to be quite amazing and useful, taking pride in his ability to understand what it tells him. Ajeel has a habit of saying the word "sweet" in regard to things that surprise him, most of which, if not all, have to do with being surprised at things related to battle or the strengths of others. Ajeel has also exhibited a small degree of sadism, as he stated during his chasing of Makarov and those that came to rescue him that seeing their pained faces "made [his] day". Upon Zeref's return to his palace in Vistarion, Ajeel and Dimaria Yesta appear and are chastised by Invel for the casual way they address the emperor. Zeref, however, is unconcerned and when he mentions the Dragon King Festival, Ajeel is very excited about the prospect of engaging in a fight. At that moment, Yajeel appears bringing Makarov Dreyar in to have an audience with Zeref, and Ajeel, Invel, August, and Dimaria leave upon Zeref's request Shortly after, when Makarov tries to flee the empire, Ajeel intercepts him and his comrades, telling them that the land told him his targets' location. Makarov immediately gives the order to retreat, and Erza tries to distract Ajeel by throwing a barrage of swords at him. When the group gets into a Magical Vehicle and attempt to escape, Ajeel pursues them riding on top of an enormous sand golem. Gray and Lucy climb onto the vehicle's roof and stalls Ajeel by obliterating his sand minions. When Gray disintegrates Ajeel's sand golem by turning it into ice, Lucy equips her Sagittarius Star Dress and shoots down the rest of his minions with her Star Shot. Impressed by his opponents' skills, Ajeel then traps the entire vehicle in quicksand, forcing the occupants out of the vehicle. As Ajeel gleefully watches the Fairy Tail Mages flounder in the sand, he boasts that nobody has escaped this spell before and that Ishgar would soon belong to the Alvarez Empire. However, his joy is soon changed into astonishment as Natsu evaporates the sand, allowing his friends to escape and face the Desert King. Natsu then claims that the fairies will protect Ishgar as he punches an astounded Ajeel in the face.

Ajeel is then sent flying, but lands on his feet, virtually unharmed but excited at having received a good punch for the first time in a long time. He then attacks the Mages with waves of sand that dries up whatever they touch, including Gray's ice. As his sand begins clinging to his foes, Makarov grabs his rescuers and tries to protect them from Ajeel's Magic, but Ajeel merely creates a gigantic wave of sand that sucks the moisture from its victims, all the whilst chiding his foes for underestimating the power of the Spriggan 12. However, a bolt of lightning strikes Ajeel's sand, courtesy of the newly arrived Laxus Dreyar aboard the Christina. As his targets escape to the flying ship, Ajeel sends sand after them, chastising them for running away, but his sand is yet again dispersed by Laxus, who says that they are not running away, but merely going home for the time being. The lightning blast grows to exponential size, completely vaporizing everything around Ajeel, whom emerges unharmed from the lightning blast, thanks to the efforts of his comrade August (who erected a magical barrier), albeit taken aback by Laxus' strength. Ajeel is then reprimanded by August for his recklessness, implying that Ajeel would have died from the lightning blast, but Ajeel merely brushes the comment off and instead tells August that he's going senile. After the incident, Ajeel attends a meeting organised by Zeref, unperturbed by the fact that many of the Spriggan 12 refused to appear. When Zeref then states that they will be going to war against Fiore, Ajeel excitedly asks the Dark Mage to leave everything to him. Soon after, Ajeel, with a fleet of Alvarez airships, arrives over Magnolia to begin the invasion. Ajeel orders the canons on the ships to be fired, and is surprised to see that a Jutsu Shiki barrier has formed to protect the town. Thinking that they will eventually be able to break through Freed's Magic with sheer force, Ajeel orders a continued attack, and is surprised when Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel begin taking down his fleet, being carried by their Exceed. Telling his troops not to fall back, Ajeel presses forward, also blocking an attack by the Jupiter Cannon, which is fired at him by Bisca. The Dragon Slaying trio land on Ajeel's ship to face him next, though their motion sickness causes them to immediately fall, much to Ajeel's amusement. As he grabs up a disoriented Natsu and prepares to take him out, the bow of his ship is cut away. Startled by the attack, Ajeel turns to find Erza, who promises to take him down. Ajeel then proceeds to effortlessly dodge and parry various attacks from two of Erza's more prominent armors and insults her strength as he does so, asking whether her guild has any others that could possibly be stronger than her. He is angrily sliced at, being told not to underestimate Fairy Tail, after sarcastically thanking Erza for the warm-up, but dodges and traps her in his sand, telling her that she isn't worth underestimating. Ajeel then continues to taunt Erza as his sand continues to suck up the moisture in her body. Sand Magic: Ajeel is a very adept user of Sand Magic, both offensively and defensively: so much so that he has been given the epithet "Desert King." He can mold sand into various shapes similar to Dynamic Ice-Make, and can even turn into sand himself. He seems to have a special connection with sand; as he was able to determine Makarov and his comrades' location by simply "asking" the land. He also seems to be capable of turning objects into sand, as he was able to turn the swords thrown at him by Erza into sand when they struck him. Sand Golem: Using his Magic, Ajeel can create a giant golem out of sandstone, which can be used for travel, and was fast enough to catch up to a Magic Vehicle being powered by a Mage of Erza Scarlet's caliber.(Unnamed) Sand Monsters: By waving his hand in a swift upward direction, Ajeel can create Pterodactyl and Wyvern-like structures out of sand to attack his enemies. Ant Lion Pit: Ajeel can create an enormous quick sand pit that can completely engulf his enemies. According to him, he has swallowed entire towns whole with the technique, and prior to his battle with the Fairy Tail Mages, no one had been able to escape the spell. Sands of Death: Ajeel can create an enormous wave of sand that can completely engulf his enemies. According to him, when hit by this spell, the receiver's body is dried out from the inside and mummified. Sand Body: Ajeel is capable of turning himself into sand and is able to hide within it.  (Unnamed) Immense Magic Power: As one of the Spriggan 12, Ajeel is an exceedingly powerful Mage. Makarov Dreyar, one of Fiore's Ten Wizard Saints as well as Fairy Tail's Guild Master, opted to run away instead of fighting him despite being flanked by some of his guild's strongest Mages; Ajeel himself arrogantly claimed he could easily take on any Mage weaker than God Serena, hinting his power to be comparable or greater than that of the strongest Wizard Saint. Indeed, he was shown capable of single-handedly blocking the colossal blast from Fairy Tail's Jupiter.

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