Fairy tail 521 Manga - Natsu has made a correct decision irrespective of what we readers want. Natsu didn't want to lose his consciousness permanently by turning into a demon and goes on a killing spree which includes his friends. He also didn't want to live for hundreds or may be thousands of years by becoming a full fledged dragon like eileen or acnologia only to see his loved ones die in front of him. My best guess is that he can now use the powers of both the dragon and the demon without transforming into either of these creatures permanently because it is needed to defeat zeref and acnologia.

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Fairy Tail 521 Release - So is natsu just human now or what I seen in the last panel he had fire in his hands so it's safe to assume he's still capable of his dragon slayer abilities I pray to god natsu better tap into his end. Form down the road cause with the demon seed breaking I hope that doesn't mean he's no longer a etherious cause that would be the ultimate cop out in manga history since hiro probably doesn't know how to plug in end natsu in the story but I guess I won't count him out just yet since he's known for random ass pulls so end. Might still happen down the road or maybe even sooner I hope. I don't believe that irene's done for already. I am sure she's alive. She's not dead. C'mon mashima, I was thinking wendy would save and heal her and be a part of fairy tail but no, she didn't and erza doesn't feel sad, sorry or anything about her suicide attempt for her precious daugther (I'm not buying her death though, im still sure shes alive) very sad. Very sad indeed. I have a hunch that zeref will resurrect her again but this time, he'll erase her memories and feelings to her precious daughter erza making her not hold back and be a total evil. I'm calling it in the future chapters to come.

Sea King

Sea King rules over the Seafolk as their king, and claims the deep sea as his own. On land Sea King is the most humanoid of all the Seafolk, though it is revealed that he only looks like this when he is dehydrated. He is a large, muscular being with dark skin covering his arms, legs and back with his chest and stomach being a lighter color. He has fins on the side of his face, sharp eyes and large fangs. He has a small black oval over each over each eye, similar to eyebrows, and another at the corner of his eyes. He wears a black speedo, a large, fur-trimmed cape held together at his chest with a clasp in the shape of a fish head, and an ornate crown. The most striking feature of Sea King is that he has a heart where each of his nipples should be. When he is properly hydrated he shows his true form. He becomes much larger, his muscles expanding dramatically. The fins on the side of his face and back grow much larger, and develops new fins on his forearms and shoulders. His face becomes significantly more monstrous, with his eyes and mouth becoming larger, distorting the other features of his face. Sea King is a rather sadistic individual, who enjoys causing pain in others and starting fights. He is determined to take the surface world for himself to rule.

Sonic then challenges Sea King to a fight, who then rushes forward and attempts to punch Sonic who easily dodges the punch. Sea King then attempts to attack Sonic several more times, with Sonic dodging the attacks and eventually landing a kick on Sea Kings face. After landing the kick a snakelike thing appears in front of Sonic and attempts to bite him, but only manages to rip his shirt. The snakelike thing is actually a long Moray that is coming out of Sea Kings mouth. Sea King goes to attack with his Moray again, but Sonic dodges in close and smashes Sea Kings mouth closed, causing him to bite off the Moray. Sea King then attempts to use a chain punch on Sonic, who easily dodges and jumps at Sea King, attacks him and lands on the roof of a nearby building, but when he looks back, Sea King is laughing. Sea King the launches himself at Sonic and crashes into the roof of the building, with Sonic barely being able to dodge in time. After dodging away from Sea Kings attack, Sonic jumps off to a different building, but before he has a chance to do anything, Sea King shows up. Sea King then reveals that after he'd left the sea his body had shriveled up, but thanks to the rain he is able to return to his true form. Sonic then attempts to run away, but Sea King follows him and eventually catches him, and crushes him, or so it would seem. However when Sea King opens his hand only Sonic's clothes remain. Sonic then appears on a nearby roof naked, vowing that the next time the two would meet would be their last, after which he leaves. Sea King then decides to head out again. Sensing a large number of life forms in the distance, Sea King heads out and finds J-City's evacuation center. Sea King then smashes his way through the wall of the structure with ease, but before he can do anything C-Class hero All Back-Man steps forward to attempt to negotiate with Sea King. Sea King is amused by the hero's attempts, stating that the only thing he really wants is to hear some really nice death screams. At this point, All Back-Man loses it, wets himself and is about to completely break down when the heroes Jet Nice Guy, Buzz-Buzz Man, and Sneck step forward to help buy some time for higher level heroes to arrive. Jet Nice Guy charges forward to attack but Sea King quickly dispatches him. Sneck then orders the remaining heroes to attack on the count of three but before Sneck can finish the count Sea King attacks, quickly defeating Buzz-Buzz and All Back-Man with the first strike and Sneck, having dodged the first attack, is taken out by the second. Boasting over the fallen heroes, Sea King is then met by an enraged Genos, who delivers a devastating blow to the Sea King's face, launching him out of the shelter and through several buildings. Furious, Sea King returns and catches Genos off guard with a destructive punch to the head whilst also holding onto Genos' arm, ripping it from his body. Genos, worried that he might not win, orders all of the remaining civilians to evacuate the shelter, but Sea King exclaims that all humans are his prey and that none will escape. Sea King is then met with a powerful kick from Genos but he is prepared for the attack and he simultaneously retaliates with a punch. Sea King and Genos then trade blows for some time until a little girl who was evacuating yells back to Genos, urging him to hang in there. Upon hearing this, an annoyed Sea King spits acid at the child, stating that brats should keep quiet and melt away. Left with no other choice, Genos throws his body into the path of the acid spit, saving the little girl but damaging his body greatly.

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