Fairy tail 513 Manga - Natsu Scarf Creation and Origin Has been Finally Revealed & Lucy Love for Natsu Might be Finally Showing in Next chapter of Fairy Tail. So I been thinking on a way that could give fairy tail a chance to "Git gud". Fairy heart as an infinite source of magic probably enpowers all fairy tail's members, also in a way that they cannot die. So a good plot twist would be that zeref steals that source and also takes control of natsu, killing all fairy tail members and only leaving lucy alive (since she's the protagonist). Then, lucy spends 7 years searching on a way to revive their friends and then to stop zeref, either by killing natsu or helping him to return to his human state.

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Fairy Tail 513 Release - Larcade will probably come back.He is supposed to be zeref's secret weapon that can only meet it's true demise by the hands of mavis herself.Not to mention zeref said he can beat achnologia.Does giving hiro even a smidgeon of the benefit of the doubt equal wishful thinking? Perhaps this entire arc reeks of his desire to end the series as swiftly as possible.Then again,I don't think even he can fall so low. I personally didn't care about lacrade going down this chapter. His magic was a complete let down and completely missed the mark for something that could have been terrifying. He could have been something worth fearing and worthy of being compared to eileen and august with magic to purify/eliminate those who have committed sin, but instead he turned out to be a spurned daddy's boy with ridiculous magic focused on pleasure. The only good thing about him was that his going down took a combo of sting, rogue, and kagura and at least some strategy to beat him (wish I could say the same for eileen, but I know that a "Because she's erza" moment is going to come up). Now let's just focus on getting the last secrets of E.N.D and natsu's past and move on past the white waste of time.

Dimaria Yesta

Dimaria Yesta is a member of the Spriggan 12 and part of the Alvarez Empire under the command of Emperor Spriggan. Dimaria is a young woman with short, blonde hair. She has a slender, voluptuous figure and bears the symbol of the Alvarez Empire on her left calf. Dimaria wears a dark-colored bandeau with a flowery, light-colored lining.

She also wears pin-striped pants and has a dark-colored jacket tied around her waist. She completes her outfit with a band on her left forearm that's ornamented by a wing-like motif, a large, golden gauntlet covering her right arm, and a gorget that matches her bandeau. Dimaria appears as a calm, even-keel woman; while at the same time being informal and casual when addressing her superiors as well as her comrades. Like Brandish, she also doesn't have an interest in dealing with people, evident by her remarks towards her. Upon Zeref's return to his palace in Vistarion, Dimaria and Ajeel Lamur appear and are chastised by Invel for the casual way they address the emperor. Zeref, however, is unconcerned and Dimaria listens with the rest of her comrades when he mentions the Dragon King Festival.

At that moment, Yajeel appears bringing Makarov Dreyar in to have an audience with Zeref, and Dimaria, Ajeel, Invel and August, leave upon Zeref's request. Later, Dimaria enters Brandish μ's room where she tells Brandish she had heard that she let the members of Fairy Tail go. Brandish tells her that she didn't let them go, but rather it was too much of a pain, so she didn't stop them from leaving. A miniaturized Marin Hollow then chimes in, complimenting Dimaria. Dimaria then tells Brandish to return Marin to his normal size so that she doesn't feel like she is speaking to a bug. Brandish brushes it off, stating it is such a pain but Dimaria says she needs him before telling Brandish that the Spriggan 12 have been summoned by Zeref. During the meeting, after Brandish states that their war will be such a pain, Dimaria tells Brandish that no one likes a person who doesn't think before they speak. In retort, Brandish states that the one she doesn't like is Dimaria, leading Dimaria to simply smile and state she guesses they will never be friends.

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