Fairy tail 521 Manga - Natsu has made a correct decision irrespective of what we readers want. Natsu didn't want to lose his consciousness permanently by turning into a demon and goes on a killing spree which includes his friends. He also didn't want to live for hundreds or may be thousands of years by becoming a full fledged dragon like eileen or acnologia only to see his loved ones die in front of him. My best guess is that he can now use the powers of both the dragon and the demon without transforming into either of these creatures permanently because it is needed to defeat zeref and acnologia.

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Fairy Tail 521 Release - So is natsu just human now or what I seen in the last panel he had fire in his hands so it's safe to assume he's still capable of his dragon slayer abilities I pray to god natsu better tap into his end. Form down the road cause with the demon seed breaking I hope that doesn't mean he's no longer a etherious cause that would be the ultimate cop out in manga history since hiro probably doesn't know how to plug in end natsu in the story but I guess I won't count him out just yet since he's known for random ass pulls so end. Might still happen down the road or maybe even sooner I hope. I don't believe that irene's done for already. I am sure she's alive. She's not dead. C'mon mashima, I was thinking wendy would save and heal her and be a part of fairy tail but no, she didn't and erza doesn't feel sad, sorry or anything about her suicide attempt for her precious daugther (I'm not buying her death though, im still sure shes alive) very sad. Very sad indeed. I have a hunch that zeref will resurrect her again but this time, he'll erase her memories and feelings to her precious daughter erza making her not hold back and be a total evil. I'm calling it in the future chapters to come.

Dimaria Yesta

Dimaria Yesta is a member of the Spriggan 12 and part of the Alvarez Empire under the command of Emperor Spriggan. Dimaria is a young woman with short, blonde hair. She has a slender, voluptuous figure and bears the symbol of the Alvarez Empire on her left calf. Dimaria wears a dark-colored bandeau with a flowery, light-colored lining.

She also wears pin-striped pants and has a dark-colored jacket tied around her waist. She completes her outfit with a band on her left forearm that's ornamented by a wing-like motif, a large, golden gauntlet covering her right arm, and a gorget that matches her bandeau. Dimaria appears as a calm, even-keel woman; while at the same time being informal and casual when addressing her superiors as well as her comrades. Like Brandish, she also doesn't have an interest in dealing with people, evident by her remarks towards her. Upon Zeref's return to his palace in Vistarion, Dimaria and Ajeel Lamur appear and are chastised by Invel for the casual way they address the emperor. Zeref, however, is unconcerned and Dimaria listens with the rest of her comrades when he mentions the Dragon King Festival.

At that moment, Yajeel appears bringing Makarov Dreyar in to have an audience with Zeref, and Dimaria, Ajeel, Invel and August, leave upon Zeref's request. Later, Dimaria enters Brandish μ's room where she tells Brandish she had heard that she let the members of Fairy Tail go. Brandish tells her that she didn't let them go, but rather it was too much of a pain, so she didn't stop them from leaving. A miniaturized Marin Hollow then chimes in, complimenting Dimaria. Dimaria then tells Brandish to return Marin to his normal size so that she doesn't feel like she is speaking to a bug. Brandish brushes it off, stating it is such a pain but Dimaria says she needs him before telling Brandish that the Spriggan 12 have been summoned by Zeref. During the meeting, after Brandish states that their war will be such a pain, Dimaria tells Brandish that no one likes a person who doesn't think before they speak. In retort, Brandish states that the one she doesn't like is Dimaria, leading Dimaria to simply smile and state she guesses they will never be friends.

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